An open-source Laravel 8 online store, client area and billing software specially made for Pterodactyl panel

Free & Open Source

PteroBilling is completely free and licensed under the MIT license. Our source code is available to public on GitHub.

Automate Billing

We collect payments, issue invoices, send email notifications, and create panel users and servers automatically.

User & Developer Friendly

Our user interface is simple, beautiful, powerful, and extendable, with the support for making extensions and customization.

PteroBilling - Automated Setup

Everything is automated

PteroBilling uses Pterodactyl's API to automatically create accounts and servers for your customers after the payment, when you have enough resources left.

Smart billing

PteroBilling automatically creates invoices and collects payments. It comes with multiple payment gateways, currencies and taxes and runs subscription based or prepaid.
PteroBilling - Automated Billing
PteroBilling Support

Built-in support center

PteroBilling features a built-in support center for your clients, with a ticket system, knowledge base, system-status page and custom announcements.


PteroBilling features a contact form, privacy policy and a terms-of-service page to help you to make your business as transparent and customer-friendly as possible.
PteroBilling Transparent
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